Roooman Technologies


   The name ROOOMAN was coined using the terminologies "Reliable, Outstanding, Optimistic, Originality and Master-mind for Aptitude Neutrality" in the field of state of the art technologies.

  At Roooman, we have versatile highly qualified and certified Hardware, Software and Network Engineers with various academic backgrounds. We have well talented staffs in all the fields to manage students from various backgrounds. We are providing Library Facility and Real Time Environment to all the students. We are providing some vigorous training programs to the students to make them clear in their view and to face all the challenges.

   Roooman Technologies was flourished on November 2003 as a world class authorized Testing Centre to fetch the talented IT Professionals. It is the most innovative PEARSON & VUE testing centre offering the international certifications.

   The expertise of, Roooman Technologies lies in PC support, Networking, Database Administration and Software Technologies with faculties on par with corporate environment.Roooman Technologies enrich its professionals by facilitating talent enhancement programme after the completion of the course.